Celebrate 100 Years with Redland Community Center

We need Volunteers!

In 1920 the Community Center was built as the Grand Junction Country Club and Golf Course. So that makes 2020 the facility's 100th year in operation. We plan to have many events to celebrate the 100 years and show off the Grand Center for the community.

I thought I would fill you in with what's been happening out at Redlands Community Center. Last year we put on a New Year's Eve Extravaganza Dinner, complete with silent auction, band and dancing, beautiful decorations and of course champagne toast. The committee worked so hard and it was a BIG success. We made enough money to have the floors refinished. They look brand new, its beautiful! Other projects planned for RCC in 2020 include: New swamp cooler, trees in parking area, stages in amphitheater and lighting as well as handicap accessibility in amphitheater, paint exterior doors and windows, storm windows, and parking lot resealed and striped. As you can see RCC is moving and grooving.

This year for the 100 year celebration we have 5 events planned during the year, and we need your help! If you could help with the planned BBQs (we always need great chefs to flip burgers and brats), or if you plant a garden and have more tomatoes lettuce etc. than you need lets us know. We also need help taking tickets for the events. Or if you know of someone with a 1920s car that would love to show it off for our car show let the chairmen know. We just need woman and manpower to help with the events.

The Events

June 13 - Beer/Cider/Wine Festival

Minnie Nielsen: minnieann08@yahoo.com
Minnie and The Bookcliff Homebrew Club have been working really hard to put on a festival. They have planned on tasting of beer/wine /ciders. They are also planning VIP tickets, music and a lot of fun for the event. The 2020 committee will be doing a BBQ for the event.

July Open House and Ice Cream/ Cake Social

Linda Fulham: lkfulham@gmail.com
Open House for the community to enjoy.
To celebrate The Grand Madams 100 Birthday as well as ice cream and a birthday cake with music.

August 16 - 1920s Vintage Car Show

Judy Foster: judyfoster7@gmail.com
Amy Dyer: jdyer5654@aol.com
They are rounding up cars made in 1920-1929 to be featured in the amphitheater, under the shade of the trees and on the lawn. What a great place to honor all the work that has been put into restoring all the beautiful old cars. There will also be a BBQ and refreshments to have a picnic at the Grand Madams outdoor facility. They are also planning a Speakeasy downstairs for "refreshments." (knock twice and say "Joe sent me" to get in). Trophies will be awarded to "The Best......categories". Photographs will be taken with age appropriate costumes. Wear your favorite 1920 big hat.

Sept 17 - Wine and Dinner Pairing

Malinda Miller: lowinemaker@gmail.com
Peggy Bowman: peggyb0823@gmail.com
Enzo will be preparing a 5-course gourmet dinner paired with some of the best local wineries. Seating will be limited to around 100. We are planning on the vintners to explain why the varietals have been chosen to pair with the courses.

As you can see the Chairwomen for the events have been Really busy!!! They are Awesome! So come and join us and help us out. Choose an event or help with all 5, we would love to hear from you and have your help again. RCC NEEDS YOU!!!