RCC Foundation

RCC Foundation

Mission statement:

To increase community use of the facility by upgrading the physical and aesthetic appearance of the building and to increase the income of the Center for ongoing maintenance, repair, remodeling and additions.


Redlands Community Center Foundation has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including but not limited to raising funds to be used for the restoration, maintenance and preservation of the Center.


Membership in the Redlands Community Center Foundation shall be open to any person or organization willing to uphold the purpose and goals of The Foundation. Membership does not constitute voting participation in the governance activities of the corporation. Present members of the Board come from representatives of public service organizations, and individuals interested in preserving this historic building. Additional members participate based upon their interest in maintaining and improving the facility.

Board of Directors:

Management of the Redlands Community Center shall be vested in a Board of Directors which shall consist of the officers of the corporation and up to 2 additional directors not to exceed 9. There is not compensation.

Presently the Redlands Community Center Board Members are:

  • Dave Fisher, President
  • Scott Miller, Vice President
  • Kathy Carmichael, Secretary
  • David McIlnay, Treasurer
  • Kendall Carmichael
  • Reed Shaffer
  • Malinda Miller
  • Reed Shaffer
  • John Fulham
  • Jody Foster

Board Members may be contacted by calling or writing the Redlands Community Center at 970 245-0240.

The purpose of the Redlands Community Center Foundation is to effectively assist, encourage and promote:

  • Civic betterment in the Grand Valley
  • Social interaction among members of the Grand Valley Community
  • Promote Group activities with fraternal and benevolent purposes
  • To preserve and make available for use the historic building and grounds known initially as the Redlands Women's Club & Grand Junction Country Club


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